– This is an advice that you have heard about many times, is probably not correct, and even can be counted.

More women have heard that they should empty the bladder before mak*ng love to reducing the risk of development of the infections of the urinary tract.

But, judging by everything, according to urologists, this is actually the opposite of what we should do.

David Kaufman, a urologist, said that urinating before mak*ng love is one of the biggest mistakes that need to be explained to the female patients.

Going in the toilet before mak*ng love is under a huge “NO”, but urinating after mak*ng love is very important.

During the process, the bacteria from the va*ina may go to the urethra. Urinat*ng may move the bacteria, but if you do not need to go to the toilet immediately after mak*ng love, the bacteria may be on the way to the bladder and to develop an infection.

How to prevent infection?

The use of the diaphragm as contrac*ptive can increase the risk of getting the infection because it can push the bladder and to prevent its emptying incompleteness. However, if you use it, you may think of any other method of contra*eption.

Some lubric*nts that are found in the cond*m, can lead to irritation also, which can lead to infections. If you think that this is the case, try to use cond*ms without lubric*nts.


– Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to help the bacteria to be eliminated through the urinary tract.

– Go to the toilette as soon as you feel you need to urin*te, better than to retain ur*ne.

– Brush from the front to the back.

– Keep good hygiene and wash the genit*ls daily, as well as before and after mak*ng love.

– Empty the bladder after mak*ng love.