Simple and easy, plus a good prevention of diabetes.

From all sides we hear pasta causes obesity and that we must expel from the menu if we want to lose weight. On the one hand it makes sense, but it is unnecessary if you are moderate.

Look at the Italians – they eat pasta in high amounts, but are not a nation that struggled with excess weight. Italian women are just like the French, enjoy the food and drink, but do not fatten up. How?

Their secret lies in the habit called “passeggiata”, or a short walk of 15 minutes and is usually practiced immediately after meals.

They go for a walk for the pleasure to enjoy the sun, hang out with friends or family. And you know what? This short exercise actually keeps the body from sticking pounds. The study published in the journal “Diabetes Care” found that three walks for 15 minutes a day after a meal will reduce the risk of diabetes.

Additionally, if you walk after dinner, the better you sleep, you will improve digestion and reduce insulin levels. What are you waiting for?


Source: http://www.telegraf.rs/zivot-i-stil/2676924-jedu-testo-a-ne-goje-se-italijanke-imaju-opasan-trik-od-15-minuta-zove-se-passeggiata