I thought that fatty food is bad, but I had no idea how much I was wrong.


Entering a low-fat food is healthier and the ability to obtain excess weight is almost impossible. So much talk about it, but is it really all that to say?

This woman decided to do something completely different and share her experience with others.

“I used only foods with very little fat, such as various dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt, various spreads, coffee with nonfat Creamer.

Very often I felt glad because the body fat percentage was low. Another thing I noticed, these foods actually have chemical additives in exchange for fats and artificial flavors.

I am glad that today I can say that my house was full of fake healthy food.

One morning I drank pure black coffee, after so many years, and it was excellent. In the meantime, I heard something more about the benefits of regular meals and FULLFAT food and how it is not as unhealthy as I thought.

Studies have shown that people who eat high-fat dairy products have lower risk of cardiovascular disease.


In order that everything goes its course, I decided to replace artificial food with low fat with fatty foods and this is what happened.

I was reminded of my childhood and the traditional serving of cake for a birthday.

I started to eat real bacon for breakfast. Misconception is that it is cause obesity, because it decomposes easy, unlike other fatty foods. This is a superb meal, after which I’m not hungry as it was a case with “light healthy” meals.

I ate ice cream, she says, the real ice-cream, not some of those tasteless toppings and various light things, with artificial colors and flavors. I consumed fewer calories during the day.

Otherwise I followed the calorie intake before. Now with a new way of eating, I started with calculating and found that the intake of calories is less.

I changed my mind about the snacks. For lunch I would put almonds and pumpkin seeds in yogurt and it’s something totally different. I felt satiety for a longer period.

It was the same for dinner. Instead of chicken and vegetables on the grill, I used a creamy paste.

After two months, I can say that I had little fear of fatty foods. The body needs fats.

I cannot say that I lost weight and I am the same, but that was not the goal of my experiment. I feel healthier and that was the point. Now I enjoy the food much more, its smell and in its preparation.


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