Surely you can not even imagine the day without this piece of clothing from your wardrobe. But bras may not be so good for you.


A 15-year study conducted at a French university in Besancon found that wearing a bra is not only helping brasts fight the gravity but additionally defile them.

The study was attended by women aged 18-35, half of whom did not wear a bra, and the other half were wearing a bra.

After years of research and comparison of results, scientists have concluded that women who do not wear a bra have had stronger breasts than those who wear it.

Here are 4 reasons why women should stop wearing bras

1. The bra changes the shape of the breasts

Constantly wearing a bra also weakens the breast muscles, and thus the breasts begin to descend. Natural support slowly decreases. Anatomically, the breasts are covered with thin elastic skin and supports ligaments. If you constantly wear a bra, ligaments will not function properly. The elasticity of the skin will increase when you stop wearing a bra.


2. There is a connection between the bras and cysts

Scientists have found that this connection still exists. Almost 90% of women diagnosed with cysts have seen significant improvement since they stopped wearing bras.

3. Causes pain in the back and shoulders

According to a study, several patients were asked to stop wearing bras and analyze how their muscles feel. 79% of women reported that the condition of their muscles improved, and many of them gave up their bras.

4. Natural massage

When you do not wear a bra, your breasts naturally massage while you go. This relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation and prevents various inflammation.