This is a tea which will help you to quit smoking for a few days, it is extremely effective, and that doctors recommend to anyone who wants to get rid of this bad habit.


Preparation is very simple and you need only two ingredients and jars.

– chopped dried leaves of plantain

– water

– jar


Take a pinch of the powdered dried leaves of plantain and put in a jar, then pour with boiling water (half a liter). Once you have completed this part cover the jar and let it stand for two hours. Let it stay for a while and after that you need to drink the tea throughout the day. Need to drink the entire contents of the jar, and so every day for three months, in order to fully resolve this habit and clean your lungs.

During this period, except that you will get rid of nicotine, you will also refresh your lungs.

In addition you can make tea of plantain, you can chew its leaves, which will further clean you from nicotine.

We strongly recommend you to try this tea because you have absolutely nothing to lose, you can just help yourself and your health, and of course to get rid of the really bad habit of contemporary society.


Source: http://www.lijekuprirodi.com/prirodna-medicina/pusenje-ubija-od-ovog-caja-cete-ostaviti-cigare-za-nekoliko-dana/