Many of you probably already know that besides an incredible smell, peppermint also has a bunch of other amazing household benefits. Having several peppermint plants around your home can keep the pesky pests away, or it will just keep your home smelling fresh. A huge bonus of this plant is the fact that it is extremely easy one to care for, regardless if you are growing it in the home or out of it.

Basically, peppermint comes in two well-known varieties: black and white. The black variety has darker leaves and a stronger smell, compared to the white one, which is lighter both in color and smell. No matter what type of peppermint you choose to grow, you need to make sure that you give your mint a lot of water and drainage. Moreover, you need to put it in a place with partial to full sunlight, meaning that you do not need to be afraid if you give your mint some extra sunshine.

That is pretty much it when it comes to taking care of your peppermint plant, so now we are going to jump right to how it will take care of your home.

1. Nature’s Natural Pest Repellant

One of the best natural ways to protect your home from pests is keeping peppermint plants. These plants will save you from the boring pests and you won’t need to use any harmful chemicals. As we already mentioned, keeping a couple of potted peppermints around will keep rodents and other creatures like ants and flies away.

Pro-tip: you can make a natural spray using some water and essential peppermint oil, and spray it around your home. This will help you keep other critters out of any places you want. Use nine parts water and one part peppermint essential oil for the preparation of the spray.

2. Keeping Your Pets Flea-Free

You can take several sprigs of peppermint and put them into a bag or pillow (something your pet won’t bite), and then tuck the bag under or beside the bed of your pet. The peppermint will repel some fleas and other bugs that might latch on to your pet.

This old trick will keep your pets free of fleas and other intruders.

3. Keeping You and Your House Healthy

Did you know that peppermint has surprisingly great number of medicinal benefits, which makes it one of the most beneficial plants for both your home and your health? If you have some struggles with your stomach, or if it is feeling upset, you should try drinking some herbal peppermint tea and it will soothe the struggle in a very short time. If you have some issue related to stuffy sinuses, you should boil some water with several fresh mint leaves and this steam will help you clear your congestion.

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