Attractive appearance and unusual structure, this perennial plant is very flexible and durable, making it an extremely valuable for arranging indoor spaces where a large number of pot plants today cannot survive.

Lucky bamboo is a standard part of the offer of almost all flower shops and common choice of many customers.

Each of us at least once got this unusual plant, either in the bouquet, either on its own, but after learning that it does not need special care and lots of attention, certainly for many has become a favorite part of their home.

What probably most do not know, it’s interesting that this plant is not bamboo! It is actually a plant called Dracaena sanderiana its appearance is really reminiscent of bamboo, which explains the name that was popularized in the world.

There are three basic forms of so-called lucky bamboo – straight bamboo, twisted bamboo and bamboo freestyle.

These three forms are later served as the basis for the development of a number of varieties that can be found in stores.

You need to know a few details about this interesting plant, and to give it a little attention to adorn your home for many years.

  • Lucky bamboo is kept in water
  • You should change or add water every 10 days to two weeks, as soon draws nutrients. Use to reuse water and fill the vase up to about 10 cm in height
  • It is sensitive to direct sunlight, which can lead to discoloration of leaves (becoming yellow)
  • The leaves can change color to yellow due to excess of chlorine in the water, and if this occurs, remove them in order to developed new leaves instead of these
  • It grows in a wide temperature range, from about 15 to 32oC
  • Supplemental feeding is not necessary, but you can add a little liquid fertilizer from time to time


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