When Laura Perez first appeared on television, she had 270 pounds. Because of the enormous weight she was entirely dependent on her husband’s help – moving from a wheelchair to the intimate hygiene.


She had regularly had a bottle of oxygen with her before she couldn’t breathe. Then she signed up for the show “My 600-lb Life”. Then her husband Joey said that he is not satisfied with the fact that she has to do everything for her. However, as the pounds started to melt and Laura became more and more independent, and Joey suddenly began to feel like he was not important to her.


In the first round Laura lost fantastic 136 pounds. She didn’t stop there and the pounds were melting.

What followed as a surprise is the fact that her marriage began to fall apart after she lost weight.

Joey did not want Laura to get a job and begins to earn, but viewers have noticed and that he was becoming increasingly bad. Although not officially confirmed the divorce there are no more photos with her husband on her Facebook page, which can be seen as a signal that they are not together anymore.

And so it was a real phenomenon – her husband left her after she dramatically lost weight and more importantly, finally became independent, which says a lot about his fear. Laura works today, looks great, and judging by her photos, she is happier more than ever.


Source: http://zena.blic.rs/lifestyle/bila-je-toliko-gojazna-da-nije-mogla-da-dise-danas-se-svaki-muskarac-okrece-za-njom-a/g06fjhl?ref=fbblic