Water is a substance of enormous importance for the people as it is a part of their every day life. Numerous dangerous chemicals and poisons can be found in the water that comes from the sink. Over time, those chemicals cause various health problems and disorders.

Make Your Own Water Filter at Home That Costs Less Than A Dollar and Drink Fresh and Crystal Clear Water at Any Time

That is why it is recommended that you filter your water. Numerous methods for water filtering can be found on the internet. This is one of those articles that represent a sort of guidance about how you can filter the water at home.

Furthermore, the filtrated water has better taste, and people are more likely to drink it. By filtration, you might be encouraged to hydrate your body on a regular basis and boost your strength and energy levels.

Needed ingredients:

  • activated carbon
  • water
  • filter paper
  • needle
  • pliers
  • lighter
  • a cup
  • an empty water bottle

Open the empty water bottle. Hold the needle with the pliers while you heat it up using the lighter, candle or stovetop.

Once the needle is hot enough, use it to make a handful of holes at the bottom of the bottle. Be careful not to make the holes too wide to prevent the activated carbon from getting through.

Then, pour the activated carbon in the bottle, up to about a third of it. Numerous methods use this ingredient for filtering, whether it is drinking water, fish tanks, swimming pools, alcohol, air, etc. it is easily available on the internet and in the pet stores and the department stores. It helps in the removing of dangerous elements, odors and bas taste.

Next, put the filter paper in the plastic bottle. The water bottle should be previously positioned above a cup. The filtering process can now start by slowly pouring water in the filter water. This water is now supposed to fall into the water bottle, and the activated carbon should filter it once again.

Once the bottle has enough water, blow into it in order to help the water pass through the activated carbon. The water is going to begin moving and passing through the holes at the bottom of the bottle.

You should get crystal clear water.

By this method of filtering, you will get rid of the most of the large elements, including chemicals and metals, but you won’t get rid of the bacteria and viruses. To eliminate these substances as well, you will have to boil the water.


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