We are all getting tired, and not just in the physical sense, so that sometimes we lose energy. We wish to give up everything, to surrender, turn from all over the world. But it is certainly not the solution.

Read this article, which will help you to consider the fatigue in other way. Take a deep breath, read and act.

The world in which we live is very exhausting. It is not grateful. You’re tired, even the fact that you live in it. Tired because too much love, care, give to the world, which gives nothing in return. You are tired of the uncertainty, from the monotony of everyday life!

Once you have been full of bright hopes, optimism outweighed cynicism, you were willing to give over and over again. But a broken heart, some unfulfilled promises, broken plans – all of that was gradually sending you back from heaven to earth. The world has not always been good to you, and you are losing more than you receive, and now no longer have the inspiration to do it again…

The truth is that we are all tired. Each of us. After a certain age, we are all increasingly army of broken hearts and aching souls and desperately seek harmony.

We want more, but we are too tired to look for. We do not like where we are now, but we’re too scared to start something from scratch. You need to take the risk, but we fear that everything around us may simply crumble. After all, we’re not sure how many times we can start all over again.

Tired of the games that we play, we tell lies, insecurity we give each other. We do not want to put a mask, but remain naive fools, too, we do not like it. We are left to play the role of the hated and pretend because we are not sure about our choice.

I know how difficult it is to set out to do, and try to take new and new actions when the mental energy is weak. But those optimistic ideals, now look hopeless and stupid. But here’s what I propose, since you’re so close to surrender: make another attempt, the last ounce of strength.

We love life much more, than we can imagine, and it is an indisputable truth. We are able to give more love, more hope, and more passion than we give now. We want immediate results and give up, if we do not see the effects. We feel disappointment at the lack of feedback, and simply give up all attempts.

I understand that none of us can be inspired every day. We are all exhausting. We all fall into disappointment. The fact, if you are on the end of your rope and you’re tired of life, does not mean that you are not moving. Every man, whom you had admired, at least one sensed defeat in pursuit of their dreams. But that did not stop him to achieve his goals. Do not allow yourself to give up no matter whatever you are doing, whether it is about everyday habits, or, the realization of big plans.

When you are tired, move slowly. Move calmly, without haste. But do not stop. Tired from a completely objective reasons. You’re tired, because there are many things you want to do and change. You’re tired because you grow. And again, this growth will really inspire you.


Source: http://lijekizprirode.com/featured/procitajte-ovo-ako-ste-umorni-od-svega-11791.html