• Never argue with an idiot – he will come down to their level, and then beat you with their experience.
  • Never throw dirt on a human. It might not reach him, but it will stay on your hands.
  • Never doubt your attractiveness. Remember: scales lies, people envy, a mirror is totally distorted.
  • Do not call those who do not call and do not wait for those who are not waiting.
  • If they tell you that your train has passed, remember there are also airplanes and ships.
  • Remember: Good things start to happen when you step back from negative people.
  • Instead of wiping tears from your face – Remove people from your life who made you cry.
  • Do not let the actions of others destroy your inner peace.
  • Never turn back – there is still without changes.
  • Never compare yourself to others. Do not compare: health, husband, children and a salary.

If you do not meet an equal or better than you, continue yourself. No friendship with fools.


Source: http://www.narodnamedicina.info/2017/04/28/umjesto-da-brises-suze-s-lica-obrisi-ljude-koji-su-te-natjerali-da-places-10-zapovijedi-jakih-zena/