Tricks of an experts: Exercise with index fingers lifts drooping eyelids, playing “padlock” will help lift and tighten facial skin, a light powder hides and sagging skin on the neck.

Proper waxing of eyebrows can relieve tired eyes look.

– Council is to let a professional who will in one or two visits determine the ideal eyebrow shape for your face, then you can follow yourself at home – says Shavat Singh, a beautician specializing in eyebrow shaping.

– The key is to follow the arc of the forehead and find your natural brow line while slowly pulling out the hairs one by one. Then you can define your eyebrows with a pencil, a little lighter than the natural. Another option is to go with a little light powder and so highlight cheekbones eye eyebrows – explains. This will help your eyes look bigger and firmer. Also brightening the eyebrows for a shade or two compared to your hair will reduce the visibility of dark circles under the eyes and you will look younger. But not lighten them at home alone that there would be no unpleasant surprises.

Cream for the eye area based on witch hazel, chamomile and other herbs that have anti-inflammatory property can reduce the swelling of the eyelids, and add to that the creamy concealer for dark circles in shades of yellow or peach, and a shade lighter than the face, the effect will be excellent.

Twinkling enlarges lips

Choose a lip pencil a shade darker than clinquant so it draw the lips outside the line of the lips. Apply a lip pencil and a little mix both lines would not be too harsh.

– Twinkling reflects light and makes lips look fuller while lipstick makes it heavy – says Patel.

Youthful look

Nice view will be fresher if you frame it with prominent eyelashes.

Instant rejuvenating

Sagging cheeks and face solve with powder or bronzer the shade, two darker than your complexion. Drag diagonally straight line under each cheekbone, taking into account that the line “connected” with the rest of the makeup. Finally, just touch the cheeks with a little blush.

Creamy blushes and powders will reduce the formation of wrinkles because they contain more moisture. Besides dust is drawn into the wrinkles and highlights them.

Put your index fingers sideways. Look up, and as much as possible, lift the upper eyelids. After 30 seconds, close your eyes briefly and repeat several times. This will help to reduce the hollows under the eyes and lift the eyelids and the lower part of your face.

Pineapple juice freeze in the ice box, run an ice cube over clean skin, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Pineapple enzymes will increase the elasticity and moisturize the skin and peeling done, says beautician Una Brennan.

A little bronzer and small flaws quickly disappear

Dark lipsticks often highlight imperfections rather than distract attention away from them. For a softer look, select a lighter lip gloss, best glitter. Bright lips look youthful and “turn down” to all the small flaws such as wrinkles around the mouth and increase them. Lighter powder on the whole face will highlight the entire surface, a darker shade or bronzer under the jaw will create the illusion of shadows, which will make the chin and sagging skin look less. Make sure that both sides are same and cannot see the edge of the line of bronzers. A little bronzer can be applied with a hand around the neck.

The effect will be even better if you put on the face of anti-aging serum. The alternative is that a few times a year going to the salon for electro stimulation. Clinical studies show that after 12 weeks muscles strengthened by 18.6 percent.

Better to use skin creams during the night

Use high-quality anti-wrinkle cream and in the evening before bedtime, apply a little thicker layer in the forehead or around the eyes, and the lines around the lips. While you sleep, the muscles in the forehead, around the mouth and eyes are relaxed, but will absorb the cream. This will help the skin to regenerate and eventually reduce wrinkles.

Chestnut for bags under the eyes

Puffy bags under the eyes will be reduced by the appropriate creams for the eye area containing chestnut, chamomile or other herbs that reduce inflammation and swelling.

Transforming the face

Using darker shades in relation to the natural color of the skin can reshape the nose. Apply a little lighter foundation in the middle of the nose, from the eyes to the top. Then apply a bronzer or darker powder in a straight line from the side, from the eyes to the top. Make sure that you match the two sides.

Masks rejuvenate the face until the evening

Toning mask will rejuvenate you for a few years before a night out or an important business meeting. And in the daily care use creams that tighten the skin and those that stimulate the production of collagen. Occasionally put on the face mask of egg white and a little lemon juice.

Massage of the Face

Makeup artist Antonia Burrell recommended and regular massage with facial cleanser – Apply oil to clean the face and massage the center of the chin with circular movements. With slow movements follow the lines and wrinkles and finish at the head.


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