Each can happen to fall asleep on the beach. This wonderful relaxation has its consequences. If you burn, you now have a quick solution for that problem.


For pleasant holiday, you should know all the little tricks to solve problems that can bring the magic of summer. Here’s how you will solve sunburns very fast.

No matter how much you protect yourself, anyone can happen to burn in the sun.


Here’s what you need to do first when you burn in the sun, to immediately alleviate the burns and cool your skin.

This recipe will bring temporary relief, but your skin will quickly calm down.

For an instant solution for sunburn, you need:

– a cup of milk;

– ice cubes;

– pure cotton fabric;

– bowel


– Pour the milk and ice into a bowel, and then soak the cloth in the mixture. Wring the cloth and put it on the burn.

– Put these wraps as long as you feel relief. After that, you can apply some moisturizing lotion or cream on the skin.

This recipe is beneficial because the protein in milk helps the skin to regenerate, while the ice provides relief by cooling the skin.


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