What happens when you stop exercising? You will be surprised when you find out

When I planned to take a break from the gym and exercise, it turned into a longer period than expected. This was followed by visible changes – muscles began to relax, and metabolism slows down.

It’s OK to occasionally rest your muscles from the effort, even the experts advise to take a day or two a break, or even two weeks, but not longer than that, because there are effects that occur when you stop exercising.

High blood pressure

After three months of constant going to the gym, I made a break and blood pressure changed immediately. My blood pressure was lower, while the arteries narrowed. While exercising you receive more blood flow, the arteries temporarily extend and thus facilitate blood circulation.

This tendency is active 24 hours, but if you keep practicing, your blood pressure will return to its previous state. The point is that the more you practice, you will have better blood pressure. It is better to practice even half a week, than not at all.

Muscles become less sensitive to insulin

When we exercise, our muscles handle insulin and absorb glucose for energy. If you lose sensitivity to insulin, then our body convert sugar into fat instead of processing and creates energy. This can lead to diabetes and infections.

Fortunately, the body can adapt very quickly and increase sensitivity to insulin, even if you continue to practice a little bit and be careful with the food. Just 30 minutes’ of walk several times a week is enough to keep the body maintain the insulin.

Loss of muscle mass

I became smaller and it happened faster than I expected. All the efforts I put weightlifting, quickly evaporated. Keep in mind that a large muscle is not a strong muscle.

– If you spend two weeks on holiday, it is likely to affect the muscle size and strength. After a month break, you lose muscle mass, but you will keep a relative strength – said Jerry Lenneke, a professor at the University of Mississippi.

Consumption of oxygen decreases

Cardio ability of the body is the first suffering when you suddenly stop exercising. It is scientifically proven that oxygen consumption drops by seven percent after 12 days of complete inactivity, 14 percent after 50 and 16 percent after 84 days.

In practice this means an increased heart rate, shortness of breath and slowness.

Bad mood

I noticed a sharp deterioration in sentiment. As I exercised, I felt better. The body is producing endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, hormones that make us feel good. After the termination of exercising, missing these hormones, and therefore a good mood. I became tense, depressed and had troubles with concentrating.


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