This guy touched the bottom of life when the girl left him, and then like a phoenix in an incredible way risen from the ashes.

Miro Judt thought that for him, the end of his life came when after 6 years of relationship, the girl had left him, and this led to the fact that he had 130 pounds.

Sometimes skinny Miro turned to unhealthy food and became addicted to soda and candy.

However, when he realized that he could barely get off the bed, he decided to turn his life around.

Only a year later, Miro went back in the form of his life after he lost 44 pounds and fat replaced with muscle.

But that’s not all, he is now in a relationship with a woman of his dreams and his job in a warehouse is replaced by profession, fitness trainer.

Make a plan and stick to it😉💪

Posted by Miro Judt on Saturday, March 12, 2016

“Before I did not care about what I eat and drink. I just did not know the meaning of a healthy diet. Even my girlfriend did not believed that I could change. It just hit me, so I decided to change and show everyone that everything is possible, “said Miro.

Now we are sure that his ex-girlfriend regretted because of her decision.



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