Sometimes we simply lack time so we can’t dedicate a lot of time to working out at the gym. However, usually we have some spare time in the evenings that we can dedicate to ourselves, so why don’t we go for a walk?


Cardio exercise is the most effective for weight loss. Today we will tell you more about it. We are going to reveal the secret of how much you must walk to lose weight. We hope today’s tips will be useful to you. As usual, you are welcome to share your opinion in comments.

There are different cardio workouts that we could suggest. However, walking has the most benefits among them since not only your legs and butt are involved but your upper torso and back muscles are worked as well.

Your body starts burning calories after you walk for 20 minutes

You should walk no less than 20 minutes but 30 minutes is considered to be the optimal duration. Generally, 30 minutes a day will be enough. Notice that we are talking about walking, not jogging or running. A lot of specialists and physiologists claim that running can be harmful to you knees, so we suggest that you avoid it.


30 minutes of walking with an average speed of 2 miles/ hour can help you to increase your metabolism, normalize blood circulation and normalize your blood pressure if you have problems with it. Walking also enriches your blood with oxygen so that you can create more ideas and be more productive.

Don’t forget about staying hydrated

Keep a bottle of water with you and sip it every now and then when walking. You need to drink, even when it seems like you are not thirsty. Water helps your body to workout more effectively.

During a 30 minute walk, we suggest that you stop and stretch your muscles every 10 minutes. You can finish you walk with another stretching session. Walk every day and reduce your body fat with ease!