The greatest skill in life is to know how to control your needs, says the aged monk.


Indian monk Swami Sivananda was born on 8 August 1896 and his mission is to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest man in the country.

For the present time, 120 years of age is really fascinating, and Sivananda believed his longevity owes to persistent practice of yoga, as well as abstinence from sex! What is also interesting is the fact that Swami in the 13th decade of life has no need for any medication. It is believed that this is because the whole life he is eating food without spices.

“Discipline is the most important thing in life. You can do anything if you are disciplined – eating habits, sexual desire … The greatest skill in life is to know how to control your needs. I live so long because material things are not important and does not make me happy, “said Swami.

He adds that he was born in poverty, and because of this had no great need since early childhood.


“People today are unfortunate, they are not healthy and become dishonest. It makes me sad. I want people to be happy and healthy, and to be at peace with their selves and with the whole world, “says elderly monk. How far Swami goes to the renunciation of material is the fact that he had never slept in a bed nor used a pillow. Instead of pillows he uses bricks, and keeps old mattress on the floor.

When the story about him went public, people across India have started to come to Swami for advice for a long life, happiness and health. Although at first he did not want to be exposed in public, 120-year-old monk said that he did it for his students.

“I did not want to be exposed because it has no purpose in life. But my students said they would be very happy if I go into the Guinness Book of Records,” concluded the monk.


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