10 aspirin pills (300 mg)

250 ml of brandy or 70% medicinal alcohol


  1. The tablets are finely powdered and mixed with brandy.
  2. The mixture is stored in a glass bottle.
  3. It is left to stand for 2-3 days. Do not strain.


  1. Apply it to the heel, to the calluses, and then wrap with a plastic bag and put on a sock.
  2. It should be left all night.
  3. Wash your foot with water, rub it with a stone, wipe it and then apply a glycerin or a cream for your feet.
  4. After 10 treatments, the feet will be cleaned and smooth.

Bonus: this tincture can treat varicose veins. It is easily and without pressing into the skin, in the painful places, and the pain disappears at the same moment.

It can also be used in osteochondrosis, whereby salt is deposited.


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