One woman decided to find out whether the eggs are really as bad as many people are talking about, and this is what she discovered.

I’ve always loved eggs – eggs are protective and tasty, but for some reason I never eat on weekdays because I thought I do not have time for that, and many have testified that they are unhealthy.

Basically I used to run out from the apartment with a banana or an apple in the hand.

However, because of that I was very hungry until lunch many times. So I decided it was time for a change and that change will be eating 3 eggs each day.

Eggs are the perfect little package. Not only they are full with protein, the yolk contains more omega-3 fats, vitamins D, E and B12, as well as many minerals.

Here’s what happened when I started to eat 3 eggs every morning:

People think that eggs are bad, but they have no idea

I knew it would be those who will tell me that eggs are bad and I should not eat them. However, science has come a long way from the advice it is best to eat only egg whites, and numerous advice concerning fat and cholesterol are not based on real research.

Experts now argue that the cholesterol in eggs does not have a major impact on cholesterol in the blood – and that’s to blame the clogged artery.

Nutritionists also emphasize that the number of eggs you may eat during the week largely depends on how it looks like the rest of your diet. Since my diet is healthy and I am physically active, I felt even better when I made this change.

I make the breakfast for less than 4 minutes

There is no excuse to skip you for breakfast, especially when you can save a great scrambled eggs for literally 4 minutes. This is much faster than making a sandwich or storing oats or waiting in line at the bakery.

All my life I was living a lie.

I could skip the afternoon snacks

Since the morning banana or apple were not sufficient, it was no wonder that I was starving until 10 am. However, a new routine with 3 eggs seemed to made me not feel hungry until noon, and I was more concentrated and faster finishing things because I did not have to think about hunger.

Eggs changed my life to the better

Regular breakfast has not only done wonders for my hunger and concentration, but every morning I had to sit down and spend 10 minutes in peace. I was able to relax and mentally prepare for the day that I expected.

I plan to keep this healthy habit, unless someone discovers that chocolate is the key to a longer life. Then I’ll have to eat it – for science.