The ginger is a plant from China but is found anywhere in the world. This root is mainly used as spice and in many countries as medicine too. People enjoy this spice and have enjoyed for many years back.


These are some of the effects it has on us:

Fighting cancer

The doctors of UMCCC said ginger can wipe the ovarian cancer cells. It stops their growth and is better than platinum chemo drugs for ovary cancer. Also it was said that people who ate ginger rhizomes have lower risk of colon cancer and inflammation in the intestines, thus reducing the risk.

Less inflammation

The ginger has gingerol and this fights many inflammations in cells. Patients research claimed that people who had arthritis and muscle pain had really interesting end results after the ginger. This root is also good for those who have cell inflammation, obesity, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

No acid reflux

The journal Molecular research and Food Nutrition had a study that showed something amazing. Experts that compared ginger compounds to acid blocker drugs found that ginger is 6 times better than a drug. The acid blocker drug damages the stomach and expands the ulcers or stomach cancers.

Prevention to morning sickness

It is advised that pregnant women talk with the doctors before using this herb. Some women said ginger reduced the nausea and vomiting and the bets dose is 200 mg every 4 hours.

Less cough and soreness in throat

For long time this was the best home cure for this issue. Boil water and add ginger slices in it, also lemon and honey too and this will also help with nasal congestion as well.


Better digestion and no flatulence

The best root spice for the belly is this one. If the belly is upset, boil ginger slices for several minutes and add honey for taste. If you are flatulent get 250-500 mg 3 times daily.

No headaches

Mix ginger and cayenne to remove migraine. Boil water, add pinch cayenne and 1 tsp dry mint. Add ginger slices and let simmer. Also for sweet taste add honey or stevia only. A traditional method is using ½ tsp ginger powder and a bit of water to make a paste and put it on the forehead.

No toothache

Ginger relieves pain and was used for this generations back. Rub the raw ginger on the gums and remove pain instantly. Boil water, add ginger, let it cool and gargle with this.

Better blood flow

Get a cloth, add 50 g grated ginger rhizomes and squeeze the juice of this. Make this in a basin of 5 liters hot water. Then apply on the needed are. This process removes toxins.

Other benefits of ginger:

  • After operations, doctors tell to their patients to chew ginger to have no nausea
  • Chewing this before a meal means better appetite and more digestion juices
  • Those who have muscle strains, athletes for example, have to mix ginger paste and turmeric and rub this on the area 2 times per day.
  • Doctors also advise to diabetics to have ginger water, 1 glass daily to make blood sugar more stabile.