Many times we emphasized the power of natural healing in our articles. It is not without reason. Many people have been cured of the worst diseases using natural remedies. For example, some people have been cured of multiple sclerosis with Cannabis oil, and some people had cured cancer with natural remedies. Treatment success is much greater than in patients treated with chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy kills the bad, but also good cells and weakens our body. Natural drugs only kill bad cells. Doctor Gerson was known for being the most difficult patients cured with natural juices, and even in the last stages of cancer.

That’s what ordinary doctors will not reveal because they do not earn from natural remedies. Most will offer chemotherapy. However, you should know that chemotherapy is not the only option.

Many people share their story and provide new solutions for healing. So as Ivelisse Page did. This woman was suffering from colon cancer, she was in poor condition and nothing helped. She refused chemotherapy and turned to natural treatment. She changed her diet, eating healthy foods, vitamins, minerals, and sugars did not enter. She was drinking natural juices, and the plant that helped her a lot is misteltoe. It has great power as it kills cancer cells. Cancer is gone even in the last stages of the disease.


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