Try the recipe for natural elixir of spruce, which helps regulate blood sugar, as well as the loss of excess pounds.

For this healing juice is needed:

– 0.5 kg of juniper (berries),

– 3 liters of water and

– 1 lemon.

Preparation of the juice:

Put the berries in a glass jar of three liters and cover with water almost to the top. Add the juice of one lemon and let stand for a couple of days. Juice is ready to drink when juniper berries begin to fall to the bottom.

Fresh juice is obtained by adding new water into the jar, but only as long as there are berries that still float. When all of juniper berries sink to the bottom it is necessary to replace them.

It should be consumed one cup (2.5 dl) three times a day.

The best time to drink is in the morning on an empty stomach, and the other two at regular intervals during the day. Because of the lemon that is added to it there is no need to sweeten the juice because as unsweetened is very pleasant taste.

If the drink is consumed in unlimited quantities (instead of water), the tea or a juice of spruce can affect the reduction in body weight.

Besides the spruce juice the tea of juniper is also beneficial for health.

The tea of juniper is beneficial for stronger nerve and stomach, purifies the blood, the remains of toxic gases, and with urine and bad juices, causes sweating, treats kidney disease, cleanses the liver, small stones, and separates the sand and of the gall bladder, the kidneys, the bladder. However it is not recommended for people with weak kidneys and pregnant women.

Before using natural remedies, consult a doctor.


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