Why watch personality tests when you can look yourself in the mirror? Your eyes will tell you much more than you know about yourself!

We’ve all heard the cliché “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”, but now it seems that there are scientific support. Each of you has seen personality tests that reveal your personality and destiny, but the eyes can reveal a lot more than that.

Scientists at Orebro University in Sweden tested 428 people, to assess whether their personalities are associated with the color of the eyes. They found that the eye color is “affected” by the same genes that affect the frontal lobe of the brain.

Dr. Anthony Falone the University of Edinburgh said: “Your eyes are so close with neurological brain, it can call the brain that sticks out. It seems that this is a vital proof of our brain function”

Some people change the eye color from light to dark depending on the emotions and current conditions. Therefore, it is fascinating to see what characteristics are described by the color of the eyes and therefore personality.


Black is a very rare eye color and should not be confused with the much more common dark brown. These eyes are a strong intuition and mystery. These people keep secrets, but they have a problem with trust. Alcohol and pain does not favor you. You are excellent in sports and spiritual healing!


This beautiful color signifies calmness and benevolence. You are fun, spontaneous and incredibly beautiful, easy to adapt and love adventure. Obviously they are brave and find solutions for themselves and others. However, you cannot stand your temper!


Many are envious of people with gray eyes are not only passionate and strong-willed, they are also the most gentle people in the world. Commitment and a great amount of love are a natural thing in your case. Rational thinking and a lot of you are imaginative and positive.


Blue is the color of healing and one of the most desirable in the world. Discard the idea that mesmerizing and complex! People with this color eyes are full of energy and happiness. They are carefree, loyal and honest. If this is not enough – they are the most attractive people in the world!


This is the most common color that tells us that a person is an independent, attractive and confident. Loves nature, but also material things. This person is creative, nice, has many friends and is very compassionate, generous and can be trusted. If you have someone who is such a person, then you must have brown eyes!


Rarest and most mysterious color in the world. Green describes an unpredictable personality. These people have a tremendous amount of energy to do when they are under stress and the level of curiosity is always at maximum. They are deeply focused and compassionate when you set a goal, they do not stop. You may have several disadvantages such as jealousy and insecurity, but all can be corrected.


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