Pain in the bones and joints can be intolerant. Due to many factors, our bones become more fragile. Consequently, you should eat healthy foods, namely to enter as much calcium. Calcium is found in dairy products and therefore you should consume these products more. Regardless of the cause, pain in bones and joints can be solved using this medicine. This remedy contains almond milk which is usually rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (the most A and C, vitamin A is also beneficial for the vision).

Banana is rich in B complex vitamins, fiber, minerals, and contains a lot of potassium, which is good for the heart.


200 ml of almond milk

140 g of papaya

1 banana

Preparation and usage:

The preparation is very simple, you need to peel the banana and papaya and cut into small pieces. Be careful that are not mature a lot. Put them in a blender and add almond milk and honey. Put one or two tablespoons of honey. This preparation is very good for your health and will strengthen you and prevent many diseases. It will free you of pain in bones and joints, and it is necessary to drink this potion 3 times a week with the breakfast. After a few days you will notice an improvement.


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