The standards of female beauty are quite variable, and at different times the reference parameters are increasing, then decreasing with enviable regularity. Only proportions in which the waist should be the thinnest part remain the same. Nothing has changed at the present moment, because every woman dreams of becoming the owner of a thin waist and a flat tummy.

The only problem is that this part of the body is most likely to change its parameters and extra centimeters appear first in this area. Of course, some lucky ladies received such a valuable gift from nature, but for the majority it is still hard work. Exercises for reducing the waist are an integral part of weight loss for these ladies.

The desire to quickly achieve the necessary results leads to the fact that women try to perform the most difficult exercises, which are often not so effective, and only remove them from the goal. Exercises for a thin waist will give their result only when certain rules are fulfilled. We offer you to look at this 9-minute exercise routine for a flat tummy and slim waist. You will be surprised after several weeks of performing it:

#1. Vacuum. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Take a deep breath and then exhale as much air as possible. Hold the position for fifteen seconds. Repeat three-five times.

#2. Bending forward/backward. Stand on the floor with your feet wide, then bend your body until you touch the floor. Repeat fifteen times.

#3. Boxing twists. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. Put your hands on the back side of your head and lift your upper part of the body. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions.

#4. Plank. Take a plank position and hold it for thirty seconds two-three times.

#5. Side stretching. Stand on the floor with your feet wide, bend your body to the sides, slightly bending your knee. Repeat two-three times to each side.

Source: https://betterme.guru/13892-9-minute-workout-routine-a-flat-tummy-slim-waist/?fbclid=IwAR2VFsoLEXRMPwXA2H22Xsd6nDUgHp7oOYJieSyBUqDfAo8ohnNRog_RU4U