Not everyone likes hard workout at the gyms, but how else can you lose those excess pounds? For example, walking will help you combat excess weight. This is a simple exercise, anyone can do it, and most importantly, all you need is your body and a good pair of shoes!

Many people put walking to the rank of a real panacea, which is able to heal the body from most diseases, both existing and possible (age). However, that is not what everyone thinks. Can we really rely on walking and have great results?

A lot of scientific researches and doctors tell many things about the great benefits of walking. Regular walking in the open air strengthens our health and improves our well-being. There are many reasons to start walking, here are just some of them:

#1. Your mood will improve. 30 minutes of walking each day give a multifarious effect of improving the mood, increasing energy, reducing stress and making self-esteem better.

#2. Your creative juices will start flowing. If you want to increase your mental abilities, then walking every day can accomplish this feat.

#3. Your jeans will get a little looser. If you walk at a moderately slow pace, then you can burn calories, and also do not exert an unnecessary burden on the joints.

#4. You will slash your risk of chronic disease. Analysis of several studies involving many participants found that a simple walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 31% and the risk of death by 32%.

#5. You will keep your legs looking great. Walking does not give too hard load and you can perform such training every day. Furthermore, your legs become healthier and the risk of varicose veins reduces.

#6. You will start to get more regular. Regular walking can improve the work of your digestive tract.

#7. Your other goals will start to seem more reachable. If you make walking become your daily routine, you will see how easily you can add other useful things to your life.


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