If dogs are a man’s best friend, heels definitely occupy that position in a woman’s life. Yes, they say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but how often can you put your priciest jewels on display and walk down the road? Not ever, right? Heels, on the other hand, can take your confidence sky high (quite literally!), turning a bad day into a good one almost instantly.


However, as every woman slips into her favorite pair, ready to brave the day, a myriad of thoughts play in her mind. Here are 16 feelings that a woman feels while wearing heels!

1. OMG, New Dress + Heels Equal A Match Made In Heaven!

Words can’t express the feeling you get when you accidentally stumble upon a cute dress that perfectly matches those pair of heels you bought as an impulse buy but never wore! This is bliss.

2. When You Lose It Because of Its Heels All Day Long

As much as you love wearing heels, the thought of having them on all day long is enough for you to pity your feet and the suffering (read: shoe bites) it has to go through.

3. The Moment When You Enter The Party Like A Diva

Heads turn towards you like a magnet when you walk in those expensive heels you broke the bank for! Now that’s attention well-earned and well-deserved.

4. The Pride You Feel At Your Collection Of Heels

From kitten heels to stilettoes, from Jimmy Choo to Manolo Blahnik, your heel collection is so large, a museum could be made for it! And whenever you take out a pair from that collection, you can’t help but swell with pride.

5. Look At Me, I’m Like So Damn Tall!

For us ladies who are not as vertically blessed as some of our friends, heels are an incredible lifesaver! Nothing else protects better from a “damn, you’re short” taunt than heels do.

6. When You Look Into The Mirror And Go “Wow!”

You just can’t believe how good you look in those heels! Investing in a new pair of high fashion heels really pays off when you look like that.

7. When You Step Out And Do The Catwalk

What’s the point of wearing heels if you don’t do the catwalk? Nothing can stop you from being the glamorous showstopper you are when you’re in your heels!

8. Night Out? No Problem, You’ve Got Your Heels On

You’re always prepared for Friday after-work parties in your heels. In fact, you’re such a seasoned pro at it now that dancing in high heels is a cakewalk for you!

9. But You’re Still Careful Enough Not To Damage Them

Amid the jam-packed dance floor, you still take enough care to not let your heels get damaged by the relentless stomping. If you could, you’d put your heels to sleep every night in a soft cradle!


10. And You’re Ready To Take Them Off If Need Be

The great thing about a sparkling pair of heels is that not only do they look good on your feet, but they look as good when you take them off and carry them on your hand! Now that’s why they are your best friend.

11. When You Feel Like You Should Make Wearing Heels A Daily Affair

Slipped into a classy pair for that important work meeting? Now you can’t help but feel you should be wearing heels to work every day because they make you look so graceful and elegant!

12. The Instant Confidence Boost You Get

You know it’s going to be a long day at work, your love life is a mess, and your best friend has no time to hear you out. But that’s okay. Your life doesn’t seem half as bad when you step out in heels.

13. But Towards The End Of The Day, That Feeling Goes Away

When you’ve stumbled on the stairs a dozen times and twisted your foot accidentally for about 20 times, you can see your confidence booster turning into a nightmare and you can’t wait for it to end!

14. So Then You Reserve Wearing It For The Guys

Hey, sometimes we all need a little attention from that cute/hot guy at the bar. And the best way to get that attention is to work some high heels magic and look hot as hell!

15. When You Walk In Slo-Mo Because Any Faster Could Be Deadly

While flats and sneakers give you the freedom to sprint like a marathon runner, your heels turn you into a delicate darling who has to saunter at a slow pace. No matter what.

16. Okay, That’s It. No More Heels. Ever.

When the day comes to an end and your feet are finally free of their shiny, pointy, leathery cage, you take a vow to never wear heels again. But then the weekend comes and you hit repeat impulsively!

Whoever knew heels could evoke so many emotions? Despite the highs and lows, they take you through, you know you’ll turn back to your heels every time you want to look good!


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