Hair loss is an issue of problem from the scalp and hair and even the whole organism. It affects both men and women and even kids sometimes. Many reasons are for this from bad nutrition and bad diet, genes, stress, meds and mineral deficits. Study has proved  that 1/3 of all people have this problem.

No worries, we have the cure. It is natural, effective and this is just a guava leaf!

Many experts say this leaf makes the hair nice, healthy, strong, shiny with regular use. This is because the leaves have vitamin B and this is vital for the hair.


Have a handful guava leaves and boil them for 20 min. in liter water. Let this cool aside and put this mix on the scalp and roots like a tonic. Use it right after the wash and massage the head while doing so.

Also remember that this has to stay on the head some hours before you rinse it and also try to sleep with this at night. Use shower cap for the head and sleep.

This cure is amazing and makes the hair strong, shiny, glowing and nice.