The white mulberry is native to China and is very beneficial against many diseases, and especially good is for treating heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In addition, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, cures constipation, has perfect effect on arthritis, reduces hair loss and prevents the early appearance of gray hair.

White mulberry contains an organic acid, carotenes, pectins, vitamin C, and these components reduce inflammation, treat cough, fever, headache, diarrhea, and inflammation.

It also contains phenol which is effective in the fight against cancer and heart disease. It is good for diabetics because it reduces blood sugar levels, but also as a prevention.

Nothing does not cost you try this natural remedy that is much more effective than those artificial.


Source: http://www.prirodnilijek.info/2017/05/30/ova-biljka-je-posvuda-oko-nas-ali-niko-ne-zna-da-lijeci-visok-krvni-pritisak-tumor-i-dijabetes/