Laurel is very good for our health, so it is often used as a food additive.

Bay leaves is good because:

-Calming effect

-Improve the immune system

-Clean the colon

– Stimulate sweating (and thus eliminate harmful substances)

– It helps with pain in the joints and problems with varicose veins

– Increases mental activity

– Bay leaves is used for the preparation of laurel oil which is a very healthy, and especially effective for problems with varicose veins.

-Laurel oil reduces migraines, reduces the temperature, it is good for the kidneys, liver, stomach, stimulates appetite, solve skin problems, etc..

Here’s how to prepare natural laurel cure that helps with many problems, especially when there are problems with varicose veins:

-30 g of laurel

-250 ml of olive oil

Grind bay leaves and pour olive oil over. Put the mixture into a glass bottle, seal and place in a dark, cool place for 14 days. Shake the contents of the bottle from time to time. After 14 days, drain the liquid through cheesecloth and transfer to another container. Before applying heat up a little and apply to painful areas and gently massage. You will notice a significant improvement.