These fruits are the perfect food for your health. They are excellent for boosting the heart health, preventing hypertension, stroke, or high cholesterol. Plus, they are rich in nutrients that are excellent for improving the metabolism.

Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons why you should eat these fruits. Dates contain plenty of minerals and vitamins. They are a great source of energy, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium.

But, they also contain vitamins such as folate, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin K, A, and niacin.

10 Reason to Eat Plenty of Dates

Here is why you should start eating more dates every day.

1. Help You Lose Weight

Dates can be great for losing some weight. As a result, you should eat them on an empty stomach. This way, you can keep the cholesterol in check and lose some weight in the process. However, have in mind that dates contain plenty of natural sugars.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to the amount you consume.

2. Prevent Stroke

Dates contain plenty of potassium, which makes them perfect for keeping the nervous system healthy. Furthermore, they might even prevent strokes. To get these benefits, consume 400mg of potassium each day to boost the cardiovascular health.

3. Manage the Blood Pressure

People with diabetes usually have to control their blood pressure. Well, eating dates may help them achieve that. Even though dates contain plenty of potassium, they do not have any sodium.

Therefore, eating only 5 to 6 dates can provide the necessary amount of magnesium (80mg) and other minerals. Besides, we need magnesium to boost the blood flow and keep the blood pressure in check.

4. Prevent Diarrhea

Since dates contain plenty of potassium, they can stimulate the beneficial bacteria and boost the normal function of the intestinal flora. In addition, they can prevent diarrhea.

5. Great Source of Iron

Our body needs iron. That is why consuming 100g of dates every day is a great way of getting the amount of iron our body needs. Besides, dates can provide the body with 11% of the recommended consumption of iron on a daily basis.

Furthermore, iron can keep the normal count of red blood cells and boost the oxygen supply in the body.

6. Relieve Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol intoxication can cause terrible headaches. As a result, we recommend eating dates. Dates can give a fast sobering effect and treat the uncomfortable feeling of too much alcohol.

For best results, soak the dates overnight and consume them on an empty stomach in the morning.

7. Good for the Heart

It is a good idea to soak a couple of dates overnight and eat them the next morning. This way, your heart might be healthier.

8. Keep the Cholesterol In Check

As we mentioned before, dates can keep the blood pressure in check. But, they can also help people with diabetes manage their cholesterol. Furthermore, they can help get rid of the bad, also known as LDL, cholesterol from the blood.

This is a crucial step in managing diabetes. Therefore, people who have to face this condition on a daily basis should consume plenty of dates. But, have in mind that dates contain plenty of natural sugars. So, be careful not to consume an excessive amount.

9. Soothe Constipation

Aside from preventing diarrhea, dates can also help treat constipation. To get the ideal remedy for constipation, soak a couple of dates overnight and eat them the next morning. But, have in mind that the drink should only be consumed on an empty stomach.

Otherwise, it might not be as effective. Also, the water has a mild laxative effect. Therefore, you can drink it too.

10. Prevent Stomach Cancer

Eating dates might reduce the chance of developing stomach cancer. Plus, they are a remedy perfect for all ages. Since they are a natural remedy, they do not have any bad side effects. Therefore, we highly recommend dates for boosting the abdominal health.