Miracle of baking soda, as has been proven to be beneficial natural medicine, it is beneficial and effective in many cases. All the expensive creams and peels cannot help your body feels as reborn again. Various facials work temporarily but not long-term. People who cannot afford these treatments can rightfully compete with these people with simple ingredient and it’s soda. Soda has a beneficial effect from the addition of some iodine which helps with inflammation, infection, and certainly in the home use.

It stops the itch in insect bites and stings. Helps to remove dental blisters and acid that damage the teeth. Alleviates symptoms of a bladder infection. It is used even for the reduction in the level of acid in the blood during the dialysis in renal disease. Therefore, not only is being use in home medicine, soda and is ingredient often used for a variety of pastries and cakes.

Here are a few tips for the effectiveness of baking soda.

Face peeling

In order to maintain the freshness of your face, peeling is inevitable. Since the products cost a lot, you make your own scrub with just ¾ of baking soda mixed with 1/4 of water. Make yourself a natural mask and get rid of dead cells on the skin of the face.


In case your hair is fatty or use a lot of preparations for the hair daily, then you definitely need something that will regenerate your hair. This is one of the treatments and professional hair stylists and is used in their salons. Pour shampoo into the palm as much as otherwise put on the hair, and there add half tablespoon of soda, rub well, and leave for a few minutes and rinse.


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