“The grave is digging with the teeth” – Dr. Baroody: Alkalize yourself or die!

The title certainly sounds very dramatic. But it’s not. It is the basis for the biochemical processes insights I gained from the different ways of treating the disease and actually show are actually health.

The world is faced with the greatest health crisis in our history. Modern medicine doctrines have destroyed us. All diseases of the past, which we so carefully controlled and for which we were assured that we eradicate them, re-appearing in increasingly dangerous forms because synthetic drugs are no longer effective.

Therefore, we produce all products stronger, which further impair our health. Committed and ineffective in their work the researchers changed the entire generation of animals and seek answers in unnatural substances. And in the meantime the chronically substandard lifestyle pushes us into premature death.

What happened to the healthy peasant cleverness? Does it lose between the walls of the pharmaceutical giants that are pouring huge amounts of money? Did the doctors bury it, who believe only to artificial pharmaceuticals?

I’ll show you a simple solution to the problems associated with the disease. Alkalize up! Discover what the chemicals, food, physical, physiological and spiritual factors in your body mean in terms of acid-alkaline balance. So welcome to our joint exploration of an alkaline lifestyle.

The acid in the body

Important is the fact that all diseases develop due to a single cause – excessive amounts of acids that occur in the tissues!

Pasteurized, homogenized and preserved products such as milk and milk products, meat, refined oils, baked goods, the refined sugar, coffee, carbonated drinks, medicines etc .. as well as stress contribute to the formation of acid in the body.

The reason for that we cannot determine with certainty of the waste acid in the body, is that the body fluid undergoing constant tissue and relating an excess amount of waste acid. That is why we measure the alkalinity or acidity of body fluids, but not the state of the body’s tissues (skin, bodies, glands, muscles, tendons, arteries and veins).

Unfortunately, our system functions so that the waste acid cannot be recovered by re-absorption from the colon, where through the liver goes back into the bloodstream and deposited in tissues. And right the tissues of deferred waste acid determine whether our body to be healthy or sick!

We must be aware that we are people as a whole complex organism, not just a collection of chemicals in which we would be happy to convince many. We know the feelings (emotions and thoughts), due to which our body is constantly changing hormonal balance.

All entered food and all the experiences (physical, emotional or mental), affecting events in the body, are reflected in the alkalinity or acidity of urine.

In the book we analyze the life with a naturalistic point of view and experience it as it really is – as energy! What role have alkalis and acids in the body?

1) The reaction in which the alkali are formed means any chemical change in the body due to which its energy is increasing, and urine becomes alkaline.

2) The reaction in which the resulting acid means any chemical change in the body due to which its energy is reduced, and the urine becomes acidic.

People are dynamic creatures. As stronger internal processes, it’s healthier. Movement of electric signals can be exchanged in exact proportion to the amount of substance in the body which creates an alkaline or acidic reaction.

So, therefore, that the waste acid is really affecting the joints, tissue, muscles, organs and glands, which leads to a smaller or greater change in their functioning. If they attack the joints, arthritis can develop. If they attack the muscles, may develop muscle fibrosis, which causes pain in the muscles.

If they attack the organs and glands, may develop a number of other diseases. I’ll show you how the food and our experiences, that create alkalinity in the body, leading to strong and long-lasting electrochemical results, which results in excellent health.

Great alkaline reserves are actually the wealth of our body. Whenever necessary, they can be released and neutralize the waste acid.

If you consume too much food that creates acidity (especially fried foods), your body starts to wane. Since our body is a perfect system, will be trying all available means to re-establish the disturbed balance, and it will do so continuously excrete waste acid. But when alkaline reserves run out, leading to death.

To recharge, and then maintain their stocks of alkaline compounds, must respect the rule:

Alkaline food: acidic food = 80:20

You need to enter:

80% percent of the foods from the list of foods that create alkalinity,

20% percent of the foods from the list of foods that create acidity.

Hydrochloric acid IS THE ONLY ACID

Hydrochloric acid is the only acid that our body produces – all others are by-products of metabolism and we need as soon as possible remove them. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) has a very different and important roles in our body. In the stomach, break down the food that would otherwise remain incompletely digested mixture of various waste acids, such as oxalic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic acid and butanoic acid. The lack of hydrochloric acid, therefore, may lead to the development of numerous diseases. Its secretion usually begins to decrease after the age of forty, although I noticed this problem in people of any age, even in children.

HCl keeps us alive by maintaining the right balance of acid. When done its function in the process of digestion becomes alkaline. It kills germs and helps in digestion. In addition, breaks down harmful waste acid generated by the improper blending and consumption of junk food, and helps in their excretion.

The consequence of decreased excretion of hydrochloric acid is incorrectly bile secretion, causing a strong noise in the process of metabolism, absorption and distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

Large stocks of liquor in our blood acts as a God-given control mechanism that is responsible for the rapid neutralization of excess acid. And if our blood is too alkaline, this mechanism is failing – an excess of liquor, in fact, we cannot neutralize the additional quantities of liquor. An excess amount of alkali, which in the body are formed due to consumption of poisonous substances, so they have to be removed from the body by conventional routes of excretion, without prior neutralization of!

At the end of each day to our body should be alkaline, not acidic. It is therefore very important to know whether our actions alkaline (healthy) or acidic (unhealthy).

From the aspect of a healthy diet is important to consume more fresh and unprocessed foods. The enzymes present in fresh and unprocessed foods allow us the good digestion. If cooking destroy the enzymes, then their role must take the body inherent enzymes from liver and pancreatic juice. Today’s biochemical findings prove that the stocks of enzymes in our body are limited.

Let your diet be composed of 75% percent of fresh and unprocessed foods and 25% percent of the cooked food. Start with 60% percent of fresh, raw and 40% percent cooked foods and stick to that ratio, while your body gets used to fresh food. Then gradually raise the ratio of 75:25.

Food that is listed below creates acidity, so try to avoid or even stop taking:

– processed, enriching, canned foods with artificial additives

– meat

– dairy products

– wheat

– eggs

Why should we limit the consumption of meat? People who eat meat subconsciously assume negative energy that develops during the slaughter of animals. In addition, your body also absorb animal hormones, free radicals and excessive amounts of nerve transmitter. They accumulate in the brain and threaten the thalamus, hipolalarnus, pituitary and pineal gland.

Why should we limit the consumption of dairy products? The homogenized and pasteurized milk causes the formation of acid in large quantities. But this is not true for breast milk for infants. It is very harmful the cheese made from pasteurized milk. Eggs create acidity.

Why should we limit the consumption of wheat? Gluten causes the formation of an adhesive layer that can clog bowels. Rather consume rice, rye, sweet rye, soybean, millet bread.


If you eat both, foods with a high content of protein, such as meat and milk, digestive juices, milk intended for decommissioning, cannot stop the digestion of meat. Proteins from both foods therefore will not be fully digested and there will be a strong acidity.

Combining heavy protein (meat) and succulent vegetables, which does not contain a lot of starch, produces only mild acidity. The same combination can cause mild alkalinity, if you consume a meal than one-tenth of severe protein and nine-tenths of vegetables. The fat in the meat reduces the effectiveness of gastric juices, and up to 50 percent. And to avoid this, along with fatty foods consume a lot of fresh, raw, green vegetables.

Do not consume meat and fish along with foods containing starch (bread), because such a combination causes a strong acidity. Also avoid portions of two types of foods high in protein, such as, for example, steak and lobster and poultry. Digestible protein-rich foods such as cottage cheese and yogurt, are excellent in combination with fruit (produced mild alkalinity). Some other easily digestible protein-rich foods, such as nuts and tofu, are good combination with the vegetables that do not contain starch (there is a mild alkaline). If you prepare a meal with dozens of easily digestible protein-rich foods, and nine-tenths of vegetables, there will be a moderate alkalinity.


The enzymes pepsin and renin in the stomach causing coagulation of milk proteins. Difficulties arise if both are drinking and other foods, such as cereals, cereal or starchy foods because milk is not digesting. Coagulated milk proteins pin with other food and prevent contact with the gastric juices. The entire contents of the stomach hen rotten and so develops acidity.


Eat only when you are hungry. Prepare simple meals – it only takes three or four kinds of food. Some food for human consumption is at room temperature.

Raw food before eating cooked food. In summer, consume more raw foods. Avoid processed foods and sweetening agents (white bread, white rice, white sugar, etc.). Chew food in the mouth about 25 to 50 times.

Do not eat when you are tired, nervous, angry, when you are hot or cold, when you feel pain when you are emotionally disturbed or have a high temperature.

The diet we should always adhere to the basic principles by which we must never eat until satiated. Make it a habit to get up from the table still a little hungry.

The old adage says: you are digging a grave with your teeth.


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