She Mixed Water And Salt And Then Rinsed Her Nose. When She Woke Up, Her Husband Told Her Something That Will Not Forget Until The End Of Her Life! Here’s What

If you have problems with snoring you need to know these things! Look at these 15 tips on how to get rid of and reduce the chance of snoring.

Do not sleep on your back

Some people do not snore until not lie down on their back. It would be best to make barricades with pillows as you would turn back on during the night.

Sleep on several pillows

If you are raised it will be easier the air to get through, from your lungs to the nose. Fold your pillow in half or buy some firmer pillows.

Unclog your nose before bedtime

Unclogging the nasal with saline solution has proved to be useful when it is about the fighting against snoring. Rinse the nasal cavity with salty solution by flexing nostrils and pour the solution.

Lose weight

People who have a problem with obesity tend to have problems with snoring, because the higher pressure is exerted on their upper body. Calcium reduces the pressure, and thus are less the chances that you will snore.

Quit smoking

This is just another reason why you should stop smoking. Smoking irritates the upper airway that causes snoring.

Stay hydrated

Nasal secretions become sticky if your body is not hydrated, which will lead to difficult breathing. This will naturally lead to snoring, so always keep a glass of water near you.

Reduce salt intake

Avoid excessively salty foods, sodium in the bloodstream leads to dehydration, and also draws water from the bronchi and bronchioles.

Do not drink alcohol and sleeping pills

Sedatives and tranquilizers pills often lead to snoring, which also causes a glass of wine before bed. More will make harm than good.

Reduce intake of gluten

Wheat leads to the formation of mucus, as well as the products that contain gluten as an additive. It would be best to enter amaranth, millet, corn, brown rice…

Avoid coffee before bedtime

Caffeine irritates the throat. If you’re used to drink a cup of coffee before bedtime, replace it with a cup of tea, it reduces the formation of phlegm.

Do not consume too much dairy products

If experiencing respiratory symptoms, avoid dairy products. Casein is the protein in the milk, which results in an increased mucus production. Instead of milk you can drink a cup of tea or soy milk.

Reduce your intake of red meat

Red meat contains a lot of protein, which irritate the sinuses and cause the body to produce more mucus. Instead of red meat it is better to eat fish.

Use less fat and oil

Your diet plays an important role in whether the tissue of your throat is inflamed or not. If you are using a lot of fat and oil it is more likely to come to a sore throat. Try to replace it with vegetable oil olive.

Use natural decongestants

Basil, cloves and pepper plants that can help you can blow the airways. Use as many of these ingredients in your diet and give your sinuses chance.

Clean the pipes

Respiratory infections and allergies often occur due to dirt that accumulates in your house. Make sure the room where you sleep is completely clean and free of dust.