Do you know what grounding is? Grounding is an Earthing therapy within fringe science and an alternative practice that provides a bevy of health benefits.

You can perform it by walking barefoot on the ground in order to absorb energy from the Earth and recharge and heal your body.

Many people don’t believe in this alternative therapy, but several scientific studies have shown that it really works. By walking barefoot on the ground we’re able to absorb negative electrons which can heal the body.

A few years ago, one study showed that grounding (or earthing) can treat numerous serious diseases and conditions and prevent inflammation, stress and other health problems.

Studies from the past have shown that sunshine, water and grounding play a big part in our health, and some studies have confirmed the psychological effects of grounding as well.

By walking barefoot on the ground, the stress hormone levels in our body normalize which can significantly improve our health and prevent a variety of ailments.

If you want to learn more about grounding, check out the video below. Try the technique yourself and you’ll be more than happy with the results.