I Tried To Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day For A Month. After 31 Days, Here’s How My Body Felt

Last year, I went for my annual checkup with my doctor, and she asked me how much I exercised. I told her I tried to work out two or three times a week. She frowned.

When she noticed the fitness tracker on my wrist, she said, “You should be hitting at least 10,000 steps every day. How many do you normally get?”

I responded, “Somewhere in the 6,000 to 7,000 range.” Again, she looked disappointed.

Honestly, I was too. In high school I was a highly competitive gymnast, spending four hours at the gym every day. In college, I tried to take dance and Pilates classes, and I traipsed over campus all day long.

After I graduated, I entered the adult world and started working a nine-to-five office job. Usually, my walking only happened between my home and the subway, and then the subway and work. On good days, I’d get a few hundred steps in if I decided to go out for lunch.

And then, last summer, I adopted a dog. I thought that would change everything — I’d walk so much more! Much to my chagrin, I realized a few weeks after adopting Bella that my step count had only increased by about a thousand each day.


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