Many people out there just love rice. In fact, it is one of the most beneficial foods out there. It’s consumed worldwide, but it’s most popular in Asia.

There are several types of rice: brown rice, jasmine, basmati, sticky rice, saffron rice etc. Rice is easy to cook, Just measure into a saucepan and add some water. Wait until it starts to boil and there you have it. However, experts are suggesting a different way and here is why!

The Problem with Rice

Nowadays many forms of rice are laced with arsenic due to the industrial toxins and pesticides that are placed on the soil.

Andy Meharg is a professor at Queens University in Belfast. The professor with his team of experts was able to test three different methods of cooking this food and they found out which is the best.

1. The first method that he tried was the conventional one, where one cup of rice is mixed with two cups of water. However, professor Meharg found out that a ton of arsenic remained in the rice.

2. In the second method, he used for one cup of rice, 5 cups of water. After the rice was ready they removed the excess water. In this method, the arsenic levels of the rice dropped in half in comparison with the first method.

3. In the third method Meharg together with his team left the rice to soak in water overnight before cooking it. In the morning he placed the amount of water as the second method.

They discovered that by preparing the rice this way, the arsenic levels dropped for over 80%!

Nowadays, the traces of arsenic are quite alarming. Furthermore, many other toxic substances can be found in the rice.

It is very hard to find natural organic rice. Almost all the rice that is in production is GMO and a lot of toxic materials are included in the soil to increase the quantity of the production.

Therefore, this method is recommended to be used when preparing rice.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Soak rice and leave it in the water overnight
2. The next day, wash and rinse the rice very well for up to three times or until the water has become clear from being cloudy
3. Drain the rice water
4. Add five parts of water for every one part of rice in a pot
5. Bring the water to a boil and turn down the heat after
6. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and turn off the heat

For those who are not exactly sure what is arsenic? It is a natural element and isn’t really toxic. However, when is included unnaturally or is inorganic, there you have a big problem, it becomes toxic and hazardous.

Simply, remember next time before you cook your rice to leave it to soak for a while, use more water than necessary and leave it to simmer for 10 15 minutes.

Now, enjoy your rice and be safe from poisons!