In this period when every second-third person coughs, you must take steps to strengthen your immunity, and reduce the risk of infection.

However, if you have been overwhelmed by some kind of viruses that easily attacks the lungs, you may be struggling with breathing problems. In addition to wheezing, other symptoms may occur, such as increased secretion of sinus secretions, which are spilled into the lungs.

To help yourself get rid of the phlegm more easily, make this simple home remedy, of the ingredients which are natural and delicious.

After only two days of consumption, you will get rid of the secret, and coughing will stop.

Ingredients required:

1 liter of water

20 pieces of pure Turkish paste (no additives and aromas)

20 green menthol candy

Several petals from the Sweet scented geranium plant (Latin: Pelargonium gravedens)


  1. Add the 20 pieces of the Turkish paste into a liter of water.
  2. Mix the mixture at a moderate temperature, until the fluid is halved.
  3. Add 20 menthol candies to the end, then mix until they melt.
  4. Remove from the fire and add several petals (to taste, 2-3) of the sweet scented geranium.
  5. The syrup is stored in a glass bottle and stored in a refrigerator.


Drink one spoon before meal, three times a day. For children, one teaspoon.

It is drunk for several days until the cough is calmed, but the results are expected after 2-3 days.


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