Diabetes is a disease that affects both young and elderly. The most common cause is stress, as well as poor nutrition. The risk of developing diabetes increases with the obesity.

You should be aware that you can live a normal life, if you regularly take drugs that are prescribed to you, but also to eat healthy food. Regularly eat but little, and do not skip meals, especially breakfast.

Not worth to you to drink medicines, if you will not eat healthy. Keep in mind that if you do not follow proper nutrition and treatment, you can face serious consequences. Some of them are: blindness, amputation.

Need to check your feet often because the feet of diabetics are particularly sensitive. Wounds heal more slowly in diabetics, and therefore should be regularly treated.

Here is a natural remedy that works on diabetes prevention, but also has a good effect on people who are already suffering from it. Regulates blood sugar levels:


A handful of kale

5 kiwis

1 banana

1 apple

Preparation and Use

Put in a blender with half a liter of water. Drink one cup of the resulting beverage in the morning before breakfast, and the rest within the end of the day. Consider whether it is more important to live a healthy, normal life or to destroy yourself because of bad habits?


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