Greg Beanie, a farmer from Edinburgh, Scotland, worked seven hours in warm weather in Dumfries last Saturday, and then again on Sunday. The 20-year-old boy did not realize how much it was actually hot and he saw the damage on Sunday night when large blisters appeared on his shoulders. Greg had second-degree burns.

A red-haired farmer worked overtime to earn for a holiday on Ibiza with his friends, but because of the burns he cannot move and a certain period will not go to work. He says: “I noticed that it was too hot on Saturday, but I thought it was due to work. I realized the severity of the damage on Sunday when I returned from work and noticed big blisters. The worst affected areas are my neck and shoulders, and because I have a pale skin, I’m pretty sensitive to the sun. ”

His parents could not believe that the sun could do so much harm, and now they care about their son because he cannot get out of bed. Greg says that although he uses spray and cream, he prefers to use plain yogurt because it helped him most.

He warns people not to be naive and to protect themselves. “I just returned from a trip in Australia and I used sunscreen every day there. When I returned to Scotland, I thought it would not be terrible because the weather here is not so hot, but now I’ve learned the lesson, ” says Greg.


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