If you suffer from disorders of the thyroid hormone, try this amazing recipe of the Russian folk medicine. It is incredibly easy to prepare and it costs almost nothing.

A lot of people suffer from disorders of the thyroid gland, where it does not produce enough of the hormone, and is mainly the cause of a chronic autoimmune inflammation of these glands. The consequences of this condition, called hypothyroidism, can affect the health of the whole body.

For people who suffer from hypothyroidism, Russian folk medicine recommends the following simple recipe. It contains only two ingredients is very easy to prepare.

Russian drops for hypothyroidism – RECIPE:

In the spring, pick 15 young pine cones (size 3-5 cm). Grind them as much possible. Pour it with 50 ml of vodka or a quality homemade brandy and leave to stand in a covered jar for ten days. Then strain the liquid.


Drink 5 drops three times a day. The treatment should last 3 weeks.

How these drops affect the health:

We know the healing properties of various herbs, vegetables and fruits, however, and evergreen trees also have healing properties. Pine have always been used in folk medicine in the treatment of rheumatism and for the purification of the respiratory organs, as well as for the treatment of cough, pulmonary diseases, including hypothyroidism. Pine is one of the most sawmills and all parts of the tree have a medicinal effect. The healing properties of pine can be used all year round, but is most effective when its medicinal parts are collected during the spring.

There are many varieties of this evergreen tree, and all kinds of the most common in our region are black and white pine. The black pine can be recognized by its dark green needles and cone-shaped crown. White pine has a silvery needles and orange-brown color bark.

Pine needles, young shoots, young cones, resins and bark have healing properties. The needles are used fresh, as with their drying vitamin C losses. It is little known that the healing property of the needles increases up to 80 percent if the needles are broken into smaller pieces.

Pine cones are used when they’re young, the size of 3-5 cm, because with their further ripening assume woody shape and lose all the healing properties. Young cones contain essential oils, are high in vitamin C, include healing of aromatic resin and a large number of antioxidants. They have an alkaline effect. All this makes them a perfect ingredient of the powerful Russian tinctures to improve the condition of hypothyroidism.


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