Although not a recognized as medical treatment, acupressure is practiced for thousands of years. Many of these methods were able to reduce the pain. Before you run to the pharmacy by medication, try this. It lasts only a few seconds!


Directly above the nose, where the eyebrows meet and where are the facial sinuses. Press hard to relieve the pain. Did you notice that this is the first place you start to massage when you have a headache? Try pressing and you’ll feel better.


Our temples are the most affected by muscular stress. Try to massage up and down to decrease headache.


This acupressure point is located between the neck and head in the root of the head. Massage this area in a circular motion.

Place between the thumb and index finger

Great acupressure point is located between the thumb and forefinger. The next time you experience headaches, press this part and it will slowly disappear.

Big toe and index toe

About 2 cm from the big toe and index toe is found an acupressure point. Press it and the pain will disappear.


Use your fingers to massage the ears in a circular motion. This massage triggers some acupressure points and you will feel much better.


The part between the eyebrows, above the nose is otherwise known as the third eye. This is another point that when you press, you can remove the headache.

The back

If you are tired or stressed, try rubbing the back for a few minutes and you will feel the energy is back. Why to drink coffee or energy drinks, when you have a natural way to restore energy.


Push the middle part of the foot to get rid of annoying headaches caused by stress.

Acupressure points

Use your fingers to press the acupressure points. When these points are activated, they release muscular tension and improve circulation.