When doctors told a 74-year-old Denny McDonald from the city of Danaf in Ireland that he had stomach cancer, which is so spread that he would likely kill him in the next three months, he decided to ignore their advice and avoid chemotherapy and to accept food treatment for his recovery.

After four years, he felt great thanks to the daily protocol, which included drinking of juice from wheatgrass.

According to Sunday World, Denny became aware of his condition when he was transferred to a hospital because of a stomach ulcer. As they tried to stop his bleeding, doctors discovered that he was suffering from a severe form of cancer spreading throughout his body.

Conventional chemotherapy and radiation were proposed as the only way of treatment.

Unlike other people, Denny decided to explore other treatments and later advised his doctors that he had decided on his own home treatment, which includes wheatgrass.

The doctors, angry at his decision, told him he would be dead in a few weeks, but Denny remained in his position.

His selection of wheatgrass as a treatment for his cancer was based on the experiences he had learned from friends about the miraculous healing properties of this preparation.

Over time, he became more confident that wheatgrass is capable of healing all health problems, including cancer.

I did not know what to expect, but I was decided to continue. For seven days the burning sensation was lost and I was better off.

I stopped drinking the prescribed tablets and since then I have not drunk a pill. After a month, the pain completely disappeared and I knew that I was on the path of recovery.

Wheatgrass was working. I made the right decision – said Denny, who managed to regain his weight from the disease. He started with 28 grams and reached 200 grams of wheat grass per day.


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