Do you feel lonely in a relationship? Is partner began to show signs that he does not have feelings for you? Here’s how to recognize these signs!

  1. When he starts to compare you to other girls

The young man should never say something to a girl so she would feel less beautiful, less talented or less feminine than other girls. Even the slightest hint of comparisons between the two of you should be a warning sign.

  1. When not responding to messages or responds after a long time

One of the first signs that your partner begins to lose feelings for you is to stop you responding to messages. This is the moment when he is with his friends when his phone rang, makes faces.

  1. Your partner is spending more time with your friends

If your partner go out with you less, and more with your friends, ask him if something’s bothering him. If he does this unconsciously, then it will do anything to prove to you that everything is fine.

  1. When he starts to be very selfish in relationships

When a person begins to lose interest in the relationship, then do not be selfish. It will become thoughtless and self-centered when talking to you.

  1. Becomes nervous when you start a sentimental conversations

Sentimental conversations and cute names are part of a playful love life couple. This can be a big problem for you in a relationship.

  1. When you stop saying “I love you”

If a partner fails to tell you he loves you, then this is the biggest reason he could break up with you.

  1. When he ceases to respect you when you are with other people

Respect is something more than a simple act. If this is just an act, then it is a bad sign. If your partner does not respect you, then this is the worst sign of termination.

  1. When stops flirting with you

Flirting shows the “chemistry” between the partners, no matter how long you have been together. If he stops to flirt with you, keep an eye on him.

  1. When he stop defending you

Do your partner gets upset because of you? Then finish with him, and all problems will disappear.

  1. He would always blame you for anything that happens

If you are male, you are always blamed for what is going on between you. Only men can imagine this situation.


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