You can’t control the size of your breasts with exercise, but what you can do is help them to stay in good shape so that they don’t sag too much and look perky. If you’re interested in keeping your boobs up and refreshed, there are certain exercises you can try.

Use these 10 moves to give your boobs a helpful lift:

#1. Chest presses on exercise ball

Rest back on large stability exercise ball.

Hold dumbbell in each hand.

Push both hands up at same time and then back down.

#2. Pullovers with dumbbells

Lie on back, feet on floor, knees up in air.

Arms holding dumbbells above head.

Bring arms with dumbbells over head and straight above chest.

#3. Shoulder presses with elbow squeeze

Stand with feet apart.

Dumbbells in both hands.

Reach arms straight above head, then bring down and squeeze elbows together in front of chest.

#4. Push-ups with medicine ball

Get into push-up position.

Put medicine ball under one hand.

Do standard push-ups.

Switch ball to other hand and repeat.

#5. Plank rotations with dumbbells

Take plank position with dumbbells in each hand.

Alternating sides, raise one arm with dumbbell to side and straight up towards ceiling, turning body in same direction.

#6. Chest flying

Flat on back, knees bent up in air.

Hold dumbbells in each hand.

Bring arms and hands together straight over chest, back down again.

#7. Corba to lateral pulldowns

Flat on stomach.

Legs straight behind you, arms under shoulders, push into cobra.

From cobra, lower yourself, arms reaching out in front of you, legs widening slightly behind.

#8. Tricep dipping

Use edge of chair, table, couch, keep palms there.

Heels on floor.

Push body weight up and down with arms.

#9. Around the world

Flat on back, feet on floor, knees up.

Holding one dumbbell, pass under legs around to other side bringing over head, to make a circle around body.

#10. Y arm raises

Stand with legs apart.

Hold dumbbells in hands.

From sides, bring arms in front of chest in Y shape, then above head in same shape, repeat sequence.

Doing these 10 moves on a regular basis will help you keep your boobs firm and in place. No sagging for you!